Shopping in Terengganu

Terengganu is surprisingly rich in shopping options, most of which center on handicraft items like batik and traditional Malay clothing. Wood carving, basket weaving and metal work are also traditional pursuits that feed the local economy. Every major town along the coastline has its own weekend or night market each specializing in its own product.

The Malaysia Handicraft Center, near the Floating Mosque, deals in a variety of local handicrafts. While this is a great place to shop for gifts and souvenirs, it doubles as a sort of candid artists’ workshop where you can watch crafts men and women weaving songket (fabric with gold filigree), detailing batik-work and weaving baskets. Products ranging from clothing and jewellery to home furnishings created using traditional techniques.

In the smaller villages around Terengganu, artisans work with brass and other metals. Intricately-detailed candle stands and vases are popular items. If you prefer to shop closer to the capital, check out the Wanisma Craft and Trading centre where you can watch artisans working with brass as well as batik. There’s an adjoining marketplace that sells finished products; bargaining is expected here.

Woodwork is also widely available in Terengganu, with local wood products exhibiting meticulous workmanship. While handicraft centers are a good place to peruse traditional carvings, many of the woodworkers prefer to deal directly with customers.

For the most comprehensive shopping experience, take a stroll through one of the many outdoor markets. These popular shopping centres usually convene at weekends and offer anything from traditional clothing and handicrafts to fresh seafood.


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