Dining out in Terengganu

There is a wide range of eating establishments in Kuala Terengganu, with options to fit the budget and palette of most travelers. The city’s restaurants are spread across the city center and are generally situated close to the waterfront. There are also some nice places in Chinatown, where you’ll find plenty of Chinese-Malay fusion at great prices.

Given its long coastline, it stands to reason that fresh fish is central to local cuisine. Nasi dagang is a delightful Terengganu specialty made by cooking glutinous rice and regular rice together and then adding a generous amount of coconut cream. Usually taken at breakfast with fresh curried tuna and pickled vegetables, it’s an epicurean’s dream. Ketupat sotong, or stuffed squid, is another treat; the stuffing is a similar mixture of glutinous rice soaked in coconut milk.

A traditional Malay salad is perfect for a light lunch. It draws its unique flavor from local greens, fresh prawns, lime juice and grated coconut. As with all of Malaysia, laksa is immensely popular with locals. This rice noodle soup boasts an impressive list of ingredients and is usually eaten with chopsticks.

Make sure to visit the food hawker centre in Chinatown early in your visit to Terengganu. Once you’ve had the pleasure of a quick bite here, you’re sure to come back again and again. The Batu Buruk Food Centre is another good place to find tasty snacks like fried ice cream with local flair. There’s a weekend night market on the adjacent waterfront where various vendors also sell snacks.

Keropok Lekor is the kind of snack which made from the fish with mixture of salt and flour.The snacks are high in protein because of the fish and famous at Terengganu area – so don’t miss this out!


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