Dining out in Sabah

To find a good and fine cuisine in Sabah Malaysia is not a problem because there are lots of restaurants that serves good food that suites the taste of tourist and foreign visitors. Any person visiting Sabah Malaysia will enjoy good food and fine dining. There are lots of international delights and cuisine to choose from such as Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Indian cuisine, American cuisine, French cuisine and of course the local Sabah favorites.

Sabah Malaysia offers a one of a kind experience when it comes to dining and tourist and foreign visitors can choose wherever they want to eat. There are numerous restaurants here that can serve hungry tourist and foreign visitors. Some of these restaurants are expensive and luxurious and some are affordable. But the bottom line is, wherever the tourist and visitors eat or dine, they are very satisfied.

Sabah is surrounded by pristine and crystal clear blue waters which is one of the natural attractions. Because of this, this place is blessed by fresh and abundant sea foods. Tourists and foreign visitors will enjoy eating different kinds of seafoods in their stay in Sabah Malaysia. There are many restaurants woh are serving seafoods at its best. Tourist and foreign visitors who are not familiar with seafood in Sabah, they can try eating the lat zi hai (crab prepared in hot & spicy sauce), rich and crispy butter prawns, kam heong la la (stir-fried fragrant clams) and crunchy sayur manis (local ferns, or as locally known, “Sabah vegetable”) cooked with belacan (prawn paste). Here are some of the seafood restaurants in Sabah Malaysia that are very popular in serving seafoods in perfection: Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Port View Seafood Village, Kampung Nelayan, Tanjung Aru Beach Seafood Restaurant, Gayang and Salut Seafood Restaurants.

Some tourist and foreign visitors are looking for modern and fine dining and they don’t have to worry because in Sabah Malaysia, there is always a special place for them. These restaurants offers to tourist and visitors who wants exclusive dining. These restaurants are luxurious with breathtaking ambience tha can be compared to a five star cuisine. These restaurant are classy that have a touch of modern and fine dining.

Kota Kinabalu offers superb seafood outlets around the city.  Seafood is available in abundance as Sabah is a major exporter of fine seafood to Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. You can have a feast with giant groupers, king tiger prawns, giant lobsters, shell fish and much more. Please have a look at our city map to locate all the seafood restaurants. Particularly recommended are: Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Port View Restaurant, Suang Tain at the SEDCO square and Kampung Nelayan, which also offers cultural performances while you enjoy your food!




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