Dining out in Johor

Johor Bahru, is the second largest city in Malaysia, behind Kuala Lumpur, and has close to 2 million people living in the metro area. With big cities comes lots of variety in shopping, entertainment and above all, dining.

A number of hawker centers can be found all around that are generally the cheapest places to eat the local delicacies. There are many food types to be enjoyed in the city including local Malay, Chinese and Indian delicacies.

Traditional dishes to look out for include ‘mee bandung muar’, a noodle dish with beef, tofu, egg, and bean sprouts in rich gravy made from shrimp and chilli paste and beef stock. ‘Mee rebus’ is another popular noodle dish, typically served with boiled egg and a sour and spicy sauce. ‘Roti jala’ and ‘roti kirai’ are ubiquitously available and often served with curry. Other popular dishes include ‘telur pindang’ (boiled eggs with spices and herbs), ‘nasi beriani gam’ (Indian biryani rice dish) and ‘ikan masak asam pedas’ (a sour fish stew with chilli, tomatoes, tamarind, okra and coriander). The adventurous can head for the stalls at Lido Beach and Stulang Laut to try the local favourites and hawker fare. Fast food can also be found at popular franchises such as KFC, McDonalds and Domino’s Pizza, among others.

Beware of menus without prices, especially when ordering seafood or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise Johor Bahru comes alive as the night falls over the city. Most of the night spots are located in the city centre, Plaza DNP, the suburbs of Stulang Laut, Sentosa and Bandar Baru Permas Jaya (Permas Jaya new town).