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Malaysia is the home of multiple ethnicity which found its roots during the colonial times where hundreds and thousands of immigrants arrived here to find an honest living in this prosperous land. The migrants’ mostly Chinese working in the tin mines and the Indians placed along the rubber estates brought along with them their cultures not forgetting rich culinary heritages. The cultures go along fine with their cooking where unusual traditional gathering usual accompanied by exotic mouth watering cuisine, that make up the Malaysian food recipes.

The way that Malaysian food is made is different depending on the area, but the foods that are cooked are all the same. The differing methods of preparation allow for variations in flavor and look of the foods. The main food in Malaysia is rice, but beef is very common as well. Since Malaysia does not have four seasons, there are always fresh vegetables.
The typical Malaysian breakfast includes a popular food known as nasi lemak. Other foods, including roti prata, half boiled eggs, kaya toast and wonton noodles, are favorites as well. On the east coast of Malaysia, a common breakfast consists of glutinous rice.


Malaysia Dishes

Mee Siam – This is a dish that is made up of thin rice noodles in gravy. It is sweet and sour.

Masak Belanda - This dish is made out of sliced pork and simmered fish that are added to tamarind juice.

Asam Laksa – This is a bowl of white rice noodles that are cut thickly and put in a soup that is made up of tamarind, onion, pineapple, fish meet, cucumber slices and basil.

Hainaese Chicken Rice – This dish is made of chicken that has been steamed. It is served with rice that is cooked in chicken fat.

Sayur Lodeh – This vegetable stew is cooked in coconut milk gravy that is lightly spiced.

Sambal sotong – This is cooked squid that is prepared in a sauce based on sambal and made with garlic, shallots, chilies and stewed tomatoes.

Soto – This traditional soup is made up of meat, vegetables and broth.

Nasi Lemak – This is rice with coconut milk that has been steamed.

Mee rebus - This dish of noodles is made with mee, which is a mixture of salt, egg and flour and is served with a sauce of potatoes.

Ikan asam pedas – This is a stew made of fish, chili, tomatoes, tamarind, Vietnamese coriander and okra. It has a sour flavor.


Malaysian Drink


Kopi tongkat ali ginseng – This is a combination of ginseng and coffee that is served with condensed milk.

Tuak – This liquor is made from fermented sugarcane or rice.

Ipoh white coffee – This drink is made when coffee beans are roasted with a margarine made of palm oil and the coffee is prepared with condensed milk.