Nightlife in Malaysia

If it’s electrifying nightlife you crave, Malaysia offers you a host of options – from restaurants, pubs and discotheques to entertainment centres, cafes and night markets. Each state has its own vibrant nightlife scene, but Kuala Lumpur leads them all both in number and variety. Take your pick and head off for an unforgettable night on the town.

The most buzzing nightspots in Kuala Lumpur are Bintang Walk, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bangsar and Desa Sri Hartamas. The action goes on till 2 – 3 am at the lively nightclubs, bars and restaurants, after which you can chill out at all-night coffee shops.

You can also catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters in the numerous cinemas and cineplexes around, or go for the 3D experience at the IMAX Theatre in Berjaya Times Square. Show off your vocal talents at the karaoke lounges, which is a very popular night-time activity here.

If you prefer a little peace, opt for the quieter cafes; you’ll find a number of Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Old Town Café outlets, especially at the city’s malls. These are ideal if you want to chat with friends, read a book or surf the Net, and most of them have Wi-Fi.

Mamak stalls too are popular eating and meeting places among the locals, and are a cheaper night-out option. Here, you can enjoy Teh Tarik (tea), Roti Canai (flatbread usually had with chana dal or mutton curry), biryani and noodle dishes too.

Genting Highlands, a short drive away from KL, is well-known as the City of Entertainment in the Clouds. Here, you can watch international productions, ice-skating extravaganzas, cultural shows and musicals, some while enjoying a gourmet dinner.

Shoppers can rejoice for the sun never sets at the markets. Locally known as Pasar Malam or Tamu, these can be found in select locations in every state in Malaysia. The prices are most reasonable, but it doesn’t hurt to bargain a bit with the friendly and enthusiastic traders.

Choose how you want to spend your night out, and Malaysia definitely will have the perfect venue for you.



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