Adventure in Malaysia

There’s more than one Malaysia. There’s the modern, well-ordered state boasting the Petronas Towers, those twin rocket-ship behemoths in capital Kuala Lumpur. There’s bustling multicultural Malaysia, an ethnic and culinary mélange into which Malays, Chinese, Tamils and numerous indigenous groups contribute cuisines and customs. But there’s still – thankfully – wild, untamed Malaysia: jungle and reef, mountain and rainforest, river and ridge. Few countries in South-East Asia – or anywhere – match the range of opportunities for getting adventurous outdoors.



Trekking in Malaysia

Nearly 75 per cent of Malaysia is covered in forests, of which the rainforest is reputedly the world’s oldest (130 million years). There are seven national parks and many wildlife reserves and protected areas. Many of the parks offer excellent trails for jungle trekking, particularly at Taman Negara National Park (peninsular Malaysia). The best time to visit is between February and September (dry season). Read more…




Watersports in Malaysia

Malaysia’s extensive coastline of warm, clear and often coral-rich water makes it a world-class country for all kinds of watersports. The country is thought to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Most beaches have well developed facilities including equipment hire and lessons for canoeing, kayaking, diving, snorkelling and windsurfing. Read more…


Mountain Biking in Malaysia

Travelers can mountain bike through untamed Borneo on both tarmac and dirt roads. Doing this on the Borneo side of the country is a great way to travel around and see what Malaysia really has to offer. The rugged terrain of this part of the country screams adventure, and you need to explore it! Try a mountain bike tour, where you will discover the mountains, rivers, beaches and forests of Malaysia and get a real feel for the country as it rolls under your wheels.


Wildlife and Nature in Malaysia

Go to eastern Malaysia to take advantage of the abundance of wildlife and nature, much of which is unique to this part of the world. Animals to be found include elephants, rhinos, tigers, leopards, tapirs, orang-utans, monkeys and anteaters; as well as many colorful types of birds, turtles and snakes…most of the animals you’ll ever want to see can be found here. Head to Kinabalu National Park to get a glimpse of the rich variety of flora and fauna, and just 40km south-east of here is the popular Poring Hot Springs, famed for their therapeutic properties.


Sailing and Boating in Malaysia

Malaysia has been steadily developing as an internationally recognised sailing destination. The Malaysian government is actively promoting yachting in the country – as a sailing destination for foreign vessels needing marinas and repair facilities, as a major racing destination, and as a sport (especially dinghy sailing) for Malaysians. Sail Malaysia is a government-sponsored program promoting Malaysia as a sailing destination, especially for sailboat rallies.



Jungle railway in Malaysia
Malaysia’s central railway travels largely through areas of dense jungle. It commences near Kota Bahru and continues via Kuala Krai, Gua Musang, Kuala Lipis and Jerantut to meet the Singapore-KL railway line at Gemas. Owing to extensive road building, this itinerary may change.



Rock Climbing in Malaysia

Rock climbing is a relatively new sport in Malaysia. Limestone outcrops can be found throughout the country and there are sandstone mountains in Sarawak and alpine granite walls in Sabah. The potential for new climbing areas to develop in the country is vast. The existing crags have routes of all levels of difficulty. The majority of the developed crags are around Kuala Lumpur. The most popular include Bukit Takun to the north of the city and the Batu Caves, which has eight different crags. Most of the existing routes are fully bolted sport climbs for which the French grading system is used. Traditionally protected climbs can be found on the alpine granite. Indoor climbing walls are also becoming popular in Malaysia.



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